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A Few Changes on the SC Boards

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#1 sarah

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Posted 23 September 2009 - 08:49 PM

Hi Everyone,

Due to an ongoing issue with PM abuse Lauren and I have decided to shut down the PM feature on SeekersCircle. As most of you are aware, we have had a long standing rule on SC that members couldn't publish email addresses and websites on the boards, as a measure of protection to our members from unidentifiable strangers who may be looking to take advantage. Many who come here have lost loved ones, or are searching for insight on their lives, and can become vulnerable to people looking to take advantage of people having hard times. We still feel this is an important part of SC.

When we transferred over to the new MB format we thought that having a PM feature would provide members some privacy and ability to communicate one-on-one without having to divulge personal contact information, and still keep the public area as safe as possible. Unfortunately, after what seems like long year of ongoing issues and behind the scenes arguments, it seems like it is only causing harbored conflict and driving people away from the boards.

Although Dr. Lauren isn't on the boards very often now, due to her crazy schedule, she still see's the emails and complaints that people send, and is aware whenever conflict comes about. Since she's not able to be here often, all she is seeing is back and forth fighting, and it's very disheartening to see. We simply don't have access or resources to be able to monitor unsolicited PM's, and have no ability to take action when we receive dozens of bits and pieces of back and forth conversations that tic people off. We've tried just having people block who they don't like, but that's not stopping people from getting together to bash other members, only to have that hostility come out repeatedly on the boards. Who knows, perhaps without the PM such instances can fizzle out.

So, in hopes of getting back to the goal of SC, coming together as a community to explore and develop your intuitive abilities, we're going back to the public only format.

As for the public forums,

Please be kind to each other:)

This issue has been covered many times, but I'll type it again. If you don't like what someone has posted ignore it, or don't even read that person's posts. If someone posts something that breaks SC rules, please notify myself or a moderator to handle it. Please don't take it upon yourselves to reprimant or punish members that you perceive has done or said something wrong.

Just keep in mind that it's very hard to identify and remove problem posts or members when things are deleted. We are not in the business of discipline, and are not comfortable reprimanding or banishing people without obvious cause. And, can't possibly respond to the many, many, many, many notes we get with pieces of information, and just as many opinions on what should be done.

We will take action when obvious things occur, but whole stories are hard to come by. If you see blatant wrongs being done, please copy and paste the text into an email to us, since most likely the thread will be deleted by the poster before we can look at it. Then there's not much we can do. Please don't go out of your way though to troll for trouble makers.

We are also asking members to refrain from publicly instructing other members to not reply or read your posts. This serves no purpose other than to start conflict. Any posts containing such notes will be removed. Our wonderful moderators, who so graciously offer their own free time to make sure we all don't get a shock to the system when we open a thread, really shouldn't be put into referee mode and made to police the boards. They're members here, and still have the same interests , opinions, and abilities they had before deciding to help us out. They shouldn't be asked to take sides in avoidable conflicts.

Sorry to have written a book. I hope this will be my last post like this. Please email me if you have questions.



#2 Silentwish

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Posted 23 November 2009 - 09:32 AM

I totally understand the mentioned action. I am sad to have lost all the special messages I received from fellow SC members. I should have copied and stored them elsewhere. Blessings to All SilentWish

#3 sunday

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Posted 23 November 2009 - 11:15 AM

Ah silentwish I am in agreement I had a few messages on there I was saving and it is my fault for not copying them down and now they are gone--Sorry--Sending you some Love and Peaceful Energy today!

With Love Sunday

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